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@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand

6 week challenge

You can now start this at anytime!!
Simply hit the Kickstart button.

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand

6 week kickstart

This program focuses on creating simple but very effective nutritional habits through information and habit taskings that you need to tick off.

It supports you with your exercise goals tasking 2 cardio (your choice) sessions and 2 strength sessions each week. The strength sessions are bodyweight only so you don’t need any equipment just some commitment!

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand

Here is what is included:

Your own profile on the @Me app where everything is stored.

Measuring system if you wish to use it including weight, measurements or photos.

Nutritional information and habits each week to learn about and tick off.

I will be coaching you through your food diary and training, offering feedback and ideas once
a week.

4 exercise sessions a week, 2 x cardio and 2 x strength sessions.

Food diary to record what you are eating, drinking and hold you accountable.

There is also a 30 minute pre recorded video to start the program. 
It is full of really simple tools and information about health and wellness to kick you off
on your journey.


This is amazing, some of the best things is the reassurance and giving me a better understanding of nutrition instead of just hitting numbers!

I am feeling fantastic, I can't believe how tweaking my diet slightly has changed how I feel, I'm less bloated , losing weight and less tempted by fatty foods.

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand

6 Week boost

This program follows on from Kickstart. There is no date to enter this program you can do it at anytime.

This program is run the same as kickstart… but it’s lifting it to the next level. The cardio is more precise focusing on intervals and lifting your fitness levels with 3 x cardio sessions a week.

The strength work now involves some resistance work using free weights. Please check out my Blog on home gym set up to get some ideas on what you need. Resistance work can have amazing effects on the body building strength, toning up and feeling amazing!

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand



6 week kickstart

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