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Swim Coaching


Throughout my competitive career I have learnt so much about the importance of technique.  Without good technique, you can swim as much as you like but there will always be a limit to what you can achieve. In the One on One sessions focus completely on technique, making you an efficient and effective swimmer, from simply learning to survive in the water to high end competitive athletes.

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Everything you need in one place to support your swimming journey. The membership is delivered via your own profile through the @Me app.

Drills, swim and strength sessions are updated every second month.

Speed, Endurance and Recovery swim sessions for 1km, 2km and 3km.

Take the guess work out of what to do at the pool and swim quality workouts. These workouts are put together to focus on getting efficient and quality swimming so your not wasting your time with meaningless lengths.

Drills to enhance your technique and swimming efficiency with videos and explanations.

Bodyweight only or using weights and bands. These can be done at a gym or in your own home. It is crucial to support your swimming and health journey with being mobile, flexible and strong for swimming and in general everyday living!!

Stretching programs, key stretches to keep flexibility and avoid injury.

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All of the above Plus!!!

Specific Training Plans, whether it be for an open water swim, Quarter, 70.3, full Ironman. 
A schedule will be added into your profile to follow an 8 or 12 week program. 
You don’t need to think, each session is set for you each week.
This will be specific targeted swim training to lead you into a strong performance at your desired event.​

Unlimited feedback and Video analysis. Send in videos of your swim technique where they will be analysed and you will receive feedback. 

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Swim technique one on one at Hawkes Bay Regional Aquatic Centre

Please note you will also need to pay pool entry.



30 min

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Open Water Clinic

Open water Clinic, Harding Road, Napier



1 hr

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Represented NZ at the Pan Pacific and Oceania Open water championships for 5km distance. Bronze in the team event for the Pan Pacific games. Represented Hawkes Bay and Wellington for Surf events at Kelloggs Surf league.

2023 Hawkes Bay Poverty Bay open water swimmer of the year, winning 5km Epic champs, and won every Banana Boat swim race for my age group as well as overall female win in two events.

Overall age group NZ champ at Masters pool champs 2023.

Swim coaching off and on over the last 25 years.

Currently Junior coach for Sundevil team as well as coaching numerous Ironman/woman athletes, as well as numerous AMAZING adults learning to swim for the first time!

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