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Fitness coach

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Being fit and strong is not just for the athletes and weekend warriors.

It is crucial for anyone wanting to live long, stay mobile and be independent for as long as they can.

I am sure you have heard if you don’t use it…you lose it.
Well that goes for our muscles, and if we don’t have strong muscles and bones then we suffer. Simple tasks such as getting the groceries, playing with the kids, taking the rubbish out become difficult. We don’t recover from illness or injury as quickly, and we lose confidence in our abilities. 

Strengthening our muscles doesn’t mean getting bigger, it means being strong and capable to do all the things we love. The exciting thing about bringing strength work into your routine is the results. You will feel amazing!!!

If your working with me in an individual program then I will design your bespoke weekly training to achieve your goals. This is based around;
In the 6 week KICKSTART program there are 4 workouts a week;
In the 6 week BOOST program we up the strength workouts to include some smaller weights such as dumbells and bands. 

Access to equipment

2 cardio of your own choice

Your own individual capabilities

Your goals

2 beginner strength workouts where no equipment is required.

Getting you fitter, stronger and more mobile. 

One on One Strength training, at the Hawkes Bay Fitness centre, Sportspark Hastings.

These sessions are focused on learning good technique and how to use all the equipment.

Whether your looking for support and motivation in the gym, or just a few sessions to get familiar with the equipment and what to do, these sessions are perfect. Get in touch for more information.

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