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Amy Renall – Online Nutrition and fitness coach
Custom-designed programmes for YOU.

Flexible. Expert knowledge. Affordable. Mentoring.

Amy online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

About Me

Hi my name is Amy.

I am from the sunny Hawkes Bay.

Life is crazy and I love it.

Since I was little looking after myself both mentally and physically has been a priority and @Me is about making yourself a priority. Looking after your health so that you can be the best version of yourself.

about you

About You

What are your goals?

They can be as specific or general as you like.

Lose weight 

Move more

Live longer

Feel energised

Eat smarter

Get fit enough to play with your kids

Feel in control​

Complete your first, half marathon

Run 5k without wanting to throw up.

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Together lets target your training through better eating, sleeping and exercise to smash some goals!

About us, together

I will create a programme designed uniquely for you. Together we will create the optimum way we can use your time to get the results you want. I’m excited already!!! 

Why me?  Why you?

Because I know you're ready for change, why else are you here

Because I'm genuinely passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

And because I will be there all the way, advising, supporting, and motivating you. Because you are worth it and you deserve to feel good about yourself.

Auckland online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

With proper nutrition, even 15-20 minutes of daily exercise is enough to start seeing great results.

About us, together

Keeping it real

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t going to be a quick fix.

Changing old habits to get fitter, healthier, and happier isn’t easy, or fast. 

There will be days when you just need a day off, a night out, or you will be doubting yourself and getting frustrated.

I believe in an 80/20 approach, try to stay focused for 80% of your week. So when that slice of pizza falls into your mouth, it's actually ok. Be kind to yourself, enjoy the treat then refocus. Life is a roller coaster, go with the ups and downs, our job is to make sure we are more up than down.

Life is for living and it is all about balance. 

You’ll love being the new, healthier you and I’m super-excited to help get you there.

Keeping it real

My programmes are custom-designed for YOU.

With me as your personal trainer, you’ll get – me! It’s online, so you can do it all from home, whatever your level of fitness.

Together we will create the perfect programme for YOU. I will work with YOU to achieve your goals. I will be there supporting YOU. I’m only ever an email, text, or call away.

@ME online nutrition coach innew zealand
My programmes are custom-designed for YOU.
@ME online fitness coach new zealand

Using the PT Distinction App, every week you will receive your workouts where you can view and record results.

 It will be your health hub where everything is recorded and will hold you accountable.

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand


@ME chat with an online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Quick chat

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Clients Unique plan created

consulting with @ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Consult appt made, background info gathered

Individual programme @ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Begin your individual programme using PT Distinction

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand


Weekly coaching @ME online nutrition and fitness coach new zealand

Weekly coaching, adjustments and mentoring to achieve goals

More on Process

We'll have an initial 45-minute session together. This is an in-depth consultation where we go over your lifestyle, goals, challenges, attitudes to health & fitness, etc. The more I understand about how you live, sleep, eat, and work, and about you as a person, the more I can help. These insights will help me to design the ideal training program for you.

You’ll complete a food and exercise diary over the course of a week.


I’ll create a unique, custom-designed programme just for you using the PT Distinction coaching App. You will download this on your phone and here you will receive all the information you need for your training programme.

We will have a follow-up session going over the programme. I’ll check you’re comfortable with everything.


You’ll follow the programme with me as your mentor along the way. The programme will include:


Your unique weekly training plan sent via the PT Distinction app. This will include everything; demonstration videos, explanations and a food diary for you to keep an eye on what you eat. Assessments to keep you on track and coaching content to keep you informed.

Unlimited access to me via messaging within the app.


My support for the moments it all goes to custard (injury, loss of focus, calorie-laden events, etc).


Motivation & new ideas for food and exercise.


Unlimited access via social media or email to answer any queries.


Access to Facebook support group.


Specialist nutrition advice.


Sensational value for money. I’ve deliberately priced my offer so it is affordable because I know cost is a big barrier for many people.

Programme completion. Welcome to the new you!

I have used nutritionists before but nothing quite stuck. I was always doing what I was told to do without any actual education. Then I met Amy. My goodness what a game changer!!!! She was so informative but in terms I easily understood. No weighing foods (which I have learned is not good for my mental health and takes the fun out if food!!)

Anything she didn't know she would research and come back to me. I have the healthiest relationship with food I have had in a very long time!

Amy was really invested in my journey and would check in with me on a holistic level as well which I appreciated. I also loved her banter and approach! Several weeks later I am still in a good place, the education has stuck finally!! Karla. 2021


Your first 2 weeks of coaching are FREE OF CHARGE.


Joining fee

Payment Options


(pay as you go)


3 months

(pay in advance)


SAVE 16%

ONLY $20 A WEEK for your own personal trainer!!!

6 months

(pay in advance)


SAVE 33%

I also offer in-person training sessions for clients in Hawkes Bay, if you just want a bit more one on one time with me. Please contact me for more information.

No contracts, you can unsubscribe at any time.

It’s time to make YOURSELF the priority.


Amy Renall

Online nutrition and fitness coach

@ME online nutrition and fitness coach in new zealand
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